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Tel +357 24 665408
Fax +357 24 627489

In order to kept our phone lines free for our guests in Cyprus we prefer you use the above methods of contact before calling us. Thank you


** Please be aware if using hotmail, gmail yahoo mail or a web based e mail program that you cannot send us an e mail by clicking the buttons or e mail address on this site, you need to go into your e mail page and copy and paste our address into a new e mail - then we will be able to receive it - you do not have a pop3 mail program installed on your computer - we get a number of calls from people wjho think they have sent us an e mail and we have not replied - the first question we ask is - are you using hotmail - the answer is invariably yes. That is the problem. So if you have not received a reply from us within 3 working days - we didn't get it. The forms on the site will work whatever your e mail program as they are sent using our own server side mail.


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Visit the Pyramids and the other treasures of Egypt including lunch on the Nile on a holiday within a holiday whilst you visit Cyprus - a 2 day cruise to Egypt runs throughout vthe summer from Limassol



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