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Salamis Cruises - sail with the Salamis Glory to Egypt, Israel, the Lebanon, Syria and the Greek Islands for short weekly cruises


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Salamis Cruises

Stunning short distance cruise destinations from Cyprus that can make your stay in Cyprus even more magical and exotic, transforming your holiday into one incorporating a unique cruise experience.

The choice is yours. Pick a mini cruise to  Israel (The Holy Land) and Lebanon, or the Greek Islands .

All public areas and cabins on board the c/s Salamis Filoxenia are both welcoming and comfortable. A children’s playground operates on board with staff supervision, and the Live Cabaret Shows and Entertainment on board have been enriched with Greek and English singers, dancers and magic shows.

The new Salamis ship the C/S Salamis Filoxenia commenced cruising in May 2010.

Cruise the Med to Egypt, Israel, Rhodes, the Greek Islands, Lebanon and Syria from Limassol Cyprus on the Salamis Glory

Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock

Greek Island Scenery




Summary of Salamis Cruises
 2015 Cruise Program

The first cruise of 2015 will be on 12 June 2015. (We always leave the one of the year before as it gives a pretty good indication of the prices etc.)  To see the itinerary and prices please check below to see the relevant cruise for you. See Salamis Cruise Itinerary 2015  for the individual times of embarkation /disembarkation from the various ports of call.   Salamis cruises day of departure table may be seen below. Two cabins in Category C have been restructured and now have wheelchair facilities.

Salamis Cruises change the itinerary most years to date, it is quite normal for the first schedules to be incorrect, but by about June they are running smoothly and according to itinerary again It is quite normal as the lines vie to travel the same destinations on the same days! . 2015 cruise prices are here.


12/6-14/6 Friday-Sunday 2day Lebanon (see special offers)
14/6-19/6 Sunday-Friday 5day Kos, Piraeus (overnight), Ikaria & Rhodes (see special offers)
20/6-24/6 Saturday-Wednesday 4day Patmos, Syros (Tinos) & Symi
24/6-26/6 Wednesday-Friday 2day Holyland
26/6-01/7 Friday-Wednesday 5day Kos, Skiathos, Mytilini & Rhodes


01/7-08/7 Wednesday-Wedn. 7day Patmos, Skiathos, Theesaloniki, Agion Oros, Paros & Rhodes
08/7-10/7 Wednesday-Friday 2day Holyland
10/7-15/7 Friday-Wednesday 5day Ag.Nikolaos, Paros, Mykonos (Overnight), Syros (Tinos) &Rhodes
15/7-19/7 Wednesday-Sunday 4day Kos, Andros & Symi
19/7-24/7 Sunday-Friday 5day Rhodes, Skiathos, Ikaria & Kastelorizo
24/7-27/7 Friday-Monday 3day Mykonos with overnight
27/7-29/7 Moonday-Wedensday 2day Holyland - canceled
29/7-02/8 Wednesday-Sunday 4day Kos, Chania (Souda) & Kastelorizo-canceled


02/8-06/8 Sunday-Thursday 4day Mykonos (overnight), Milos & Symi
06/8-10/8 Thursday-Monday 4day Kos, Syros (Tinos) & Rhodes
10/8-14/8 Monday-Friday 4day Patmos, Mytiline, Chios & Kastelorizo
14/8-19/8 Friday-Wednesday 5day Kastelorizo, Skiathos, Samos & Rhodes
19/8-24/8 Wednesday-Monday 5day Rhodes, Spetses, Chania (Souda) & Kastelorizo
24/8-28/8 Monday-Friday 4day Patmos, Andros & Symi
28/8-31/8 Friday-Monday 3day Siteia (Crete) & Kastelorizo
31/8-02/9 Monday-Wednesday 2day Holyland


02/9-06/9 Wednesday-Sunday 4day Kalymnos, Syros(Tinos) & Kastelorizo
06/9-11/9 Sunday-Friday  5day Ag.Nikolaos, Nafplio, Ydra &Rhodes
11/9-14/9 Friday-Monday 3day Ag.Nikolaos & Kastelorizo
14/9-23/9 Monday-Wednesday 9day Kos, Piraeus, Gythion, Valetta (Malta), Messina (Sicily), Chania (Souda) & Rhodes
23/9-25/9 Wednesday-Friday 2day Holyland
25/9-28/9 Friday-Monday 3day Rhodes (Overnight) & Symi
28/9-03/10 Monday-Saturday 5day Rhodes, Piraeus (overnight), Syros (Tinos) & Symi


3/10-7/10 Saturday-Wednesday 4day Symi, Chania (Souda) & Kasteloizo
7/10-11/10 Wednesday-Sunday 4day Kalymnos, Mytilini, Chios & Symi

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*** During the calls of the c/s Salamis Filoxenia at Syros, the passengers will have the possibility to buy an organized visit to Tinos, in case there is no alteration in the information and conditions applicable on the date of issuing the itineraries

Please view the Itineraries of Salamis and current program here.

  See Salamis 2015 Cruise Prices




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